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Adrian-CV Writer

Successful Resumes Auckland Suburbs and North Shore provides a personalised and professional CV writing service.  The office is managed by Adrian Beasley.

Adrian has many years’ experience in the publishing and information industry – including leadership  roles in project management, software development, and new product development.  He has worked for a large multinational publisher creating and delivering information-based products to the international pharmaceutical, healthcare and financial industries.

Having hired staff, he understands the recruitment process and the things that you can do to make a potential employer take an early interest in you as a candidate.

“Usually an employer is looking to slot you into an existing team and they need to keep that team performing at the same level or better.  For example in IT,  the dominance of a team-focused methodology like ‘Agile’ means that qualities of flexibility, co-operation, communication, and the ability to handle uncertainty have become very important.  You are not expected to know everything technically, but team ‘ fit’ and the ability to learn are vital. These qualities are harder to convey on your CV than a list of technical skills, though the latter are still very important.”

Starting with a personal interview and working through a collaborative approach, Adrian aims to deliver a CV that helps get you through the door for that important first interview. Your CV should be individual and genuinely reflect you and your abilities, strengths and experience.  Ideally it will be tailored to a specific role, where patterns in your past achievements illustrate your ability to shine in that role.

In our jobs we all spend so much time buried in the everyday detail, it can be hard to come up a level and ask the more abstract questions – what am I good at, what characterises the things I have achieved?  Talking to an independent person can help with that process and generally produces a better result than trying to do it yourself.”


"I just wanted to give you some brief feedback - I have had a number of recruiters and business people comment on how good and professional my CV looks and how it's refreshing compared to the typical state of applicant CV's they see."
"I must say I am impressed - you have turned it into a very engaging yet factual document which I enjoyed reading! The first ever for my CV! The profile section is brilliant."
"Just wanted to let you know I got the job … and they commented on how professional the CV was."
"Thank you for this awesome CV. I appreciate all the effort you put in. I believe it's very informative and describes me well."
"I put my CV out and have 4 interviews lined up already… Thank-you so much for your wonderful work"
"Thank you very much. This is excellent, I'm thrilled. I'm feeling a lot more confident about putting myself out there to apply for jobs."