Job Hunting Tips for Migrants

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We asked new migrants to New Zealand to provide one piece of advice for those who are thinking about a move here.  Here’s what they said:

Sort all your paperwork and documents out before you leave your home country.  It took me 6 months to get hold of documents I needed to send to NZQA and delayed me getting work.
Ambie – South Africa

Show that you are willing to fit in.  I wore a suit to an interview.  While I was there I noticed that everyone else was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.  After checking with my wife and friends, I went for the second interview in jeans and t-shirt and got the job.  Later I was told that they had noticed that I adapted myself to fit in with the culture and that this impressed them.
John – Ireland

~ it is preferable to come to New Zealand personally to attend interviews. We found that applying for jobs and trying to interview telephonically/on Skype was not effective. The other downside is that it is difficult for potential employers to gauge commitment to come NZ from the perspective employee before they arrive. There are many instances where immigrants secure employment before they arrive in NZ only to decide not to go through with the immigration process. This makes it more difficult for other immigrants to secure roles.

~ Immigrants are disadvantaged when they immigrate because they often do not have a professional/social network in the country that they are immigrating to. One of the things that worked really well for us was our social and professional networking. There is a variety of clubs/societies and professional organisations that immigrants can and should join. Some that come to mind are: Toastmasters, New Zealand Institute of Accountants/Engineers, NZ Law Society etc. many employment opportunities are secured through professional and social connections.
Clinton & Sally – South Africa

It’s important to research where you are moving to and what it is like. How will the jobs be different? In my case (for nurses), researching New Zealand health care was key. I could have done quite a bit more and avoided some confusion in the beginning…
Kristen – USA