Next steps if you’ve lost your job

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These are challenging times for everyone, but losing your job adds to the stress many of us are experiencing today.  It might be due to business failure, downsizing or a no-job-no-jab policy, but we’ve put together some practical tips to help you through this tough period.

Local Support

Those facing no-jab-no-job dismissal should visit the Voices for Freedom website which has tools and templates to help you negotiate with your managers:

They have also put together networks across the country where you can meet up locally and make new friends.

Find Income Opportunities

While some newly jobless people can search for work in their current field, there will be categories of workers who cannot apply for roles in the same sector as the ones they have left.  These will include education and health workers who have recently been fired for refusing the have a vaccine.  Take a tip from many in the private sector who are finding ways around the regulations.  If your company or organisation doesn’t want to employ you, consider starting up your own business and offering your service direct to the public.  In New Zealand this is pretty easy to do.  Initially you might work as a sole trader, and if your income is under $60K you do not have to register for GST.  I would initially get advice from an accountant to decide on the best way to structure your new business.  You may just enter into a private arrangement in the early days, e.g. with parents who want to retain your educational services.  If this is successful and you can attract other parents, then you have a business!

If your recent work was also your passion, transforming it into a business makes good sense, but what if it wasn’t, think about the things you like to do, which you could turn into an income.  Do you like gardening?  How about starting up a gardening business of some description.  Of course, many people are doing similar work, but that demonstrates that the market is sizable and there might be room for someone who really knows their plants.

Or identify a gap in the market.  I remember hearing about a man who identified a need for waste collection.  No one else wanted to do it, so he priced it at a premium and made a fortune.  He now pays someone else to pick up the rubbish.

Buy a Business

You could consider buying a business that is up and running, or purchasing a franchise.  These vary in price quite widely.  I have come across The Coffee Club, Hire a Hubby, Driving Miss Daisy and Greenacres.  Here at Successful Resumes New Zealand we have opportunities to buy a territory and get free training to upskill as a CV writer. Click here for details:


Talk to people around you and let them know you are seeking work.  In New Zealand, many jobs are filled through connections, which happens at all levels, not just the top.  Consider taking a job at a lower level than before, which might have promotion prospects when they recognise your talent and hard work.  I know a young person who started in a ‘pick and pack’ job in a warehouse and was a manager within a year.  This was because managers recognised her skills just at a time when the business was growing quickly.

Care For Yourself

Finally, care for yourself.  Rest, eat healthily and get some sunshine to top up your immune-boosting vitamin D.  Make the most of the free time you have to engage with others and get outdoors in nature for walks and maybe picnics.  Read uplifting books and posts, but avoid the news and fearmongering in the media.  Then you’ll feel much happier!