Outplacement services: A practical approach to employee transition

Outplacement 2

In the second instalment of our series, we explore the pivotal role of outplacement services in guiding employees through the intricate process of career transition. As businesses grapple with staff redundancy, understanding and implementing these services not only benefits departing staff but also contributes to the overall resilience and reputation of the organisation.

The core elements of outplacement services:

CV writing and interview coaching:

Outplacement services extend far beyond the conventional severance package, offering tangible assistance to employees seeking new opportunities. Take the example of James, who, after being made redundant, struggled to present his skills effectively in his CV. Through outplacement services, he received expert guidance on CV writing and interview techniques. This tailored support empowered James to showcase his strengths and secure a new position more swiftly.

Career counselling:

The journey after redundancy can be daunting, and career counselling becomes a beacon of support. Outplacement services provide personalised counselling sessions, helping individuals identify their unique skill sets and explore diverse career paths. By tailoring guidance to individual aspirations and industry trends, employees can navigate the job market with confidence.

Practical workshops:

Equipping staff with essential job search skills is paramount. Outplacement services often include practical workshops covering topics such as networking, job searching strategies and leveraging online platforms. These workshops not only enhanced their job-seeking skills but also foster a sense of camaraderie among the departing staff, creating a supportive community during a challenging period.


Outplacement services are a beacon of practical support for employees facing redundancy. From fine-tuning CVs to providing expert career counselling and facilitating skill-building workshops, these services play a crucial role in easing the transition process. The positive outcomes underscore the tangible benefits of investing in outplacement services. In our next and final segment, we will explore strategies for future-proofing your workforce, turning the challenges of redundancy into opportunities for growth and resilience.

Links to help jobseekers in New Zealand

Seek New Zealand – A prominent job search platform providing job listings, advice and resources.

Trade Me – Trading and job search platform with job listings.

Careers.govt.nz – A comprehensive online resource provided by the New Zealand government to support individuals in their career planning and development.

Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) – Provides information on redundancy support, financial assistance and services available for both employers and employees.

LinkedIn – Create a profile and use the platform to network and find job alerts.