Planning a career change

Career Change

Advice from a CV expert for those dreaming of a new direction with a career change.

  1. Select a job or career for which you have a genuine passion. The feeling of job satisfaction remains long after you have spent the money you earn in a lesser job.
  2. Look at the pattern in your jobs/careers to date. The next move should ideally allow you to use the skills and talents you have developed as an employee (or self-employed person) in your next role.
  3. Ask yourself what you will miss in your current job or career? This will help you prepare for your next move to a new career.
  4. Do not assume that you can return to a particular type of work and it will be the same as your previous experience.
  5. When changing to a different job or career, first give yourself a break if circumstances allow. 
  6. It is generally easier to start by considering work within your own industry. Changes outside your existing career often require significant retraining and/or expense.
  7. Identify your skills and use the list (tailored to individual job vacancies) when applying for a new position. 
  8. Believe the advertised job is the one you want. If you don’t believe it then it is unlikely you will convince the recruiter/employer.
  9. For those who are 50 plus, think about how you may wish to remain in your profession or career as you get older. Explore the options for phasing out of full-time work gradually, rather than going ‘cold-turkey’ with a total withdrawal from work. Explore such options with your employer before taking steps to reduce your current workload.