A quick peak at Santa Claus’s CV!

Santa CV resume

Recently Santa Claus approached Successful CVs for help in developing his resume.  Once the Christmas rush is over, Santa is keen to use the skills he has built up in manufacturing, logistics and joy to help out organisations on a consulting basis.

We were happy to oblige. 

Kris Kringle (aka Santa Claus)

Address: North Pole, Earth


A festive and seasoned gift distributor with a penchant for spreading joy and cheer worldwide. A reliable and hardworking individual, committed to delivering smiles to people of all ages.

Key Skills:

Gift Sourcing and Distribution:

  • Proven track record of efficiently sourcing and delivering gifts to millions of households in a single night.
  • Expertise in handling diverse gift preferences, from high-tech gadgets to traditional toys.

Time Management:

  • Exceptional ability to manage tight schedules, ensuring timely delivery of presents on Christmas Eve.
  • Mastery of time-space continuum for swift and inconspicuous visits.

Advanced Knowledge of Chimney Navigation:

  • Proficient in navigating and manoeuvring through chimneys of all shapes and sizes.
  • Zero incidents of getting stuck, even in the trickiest chimney situations.

Team Leadership:

  • Successfully managed a team of industrious elves, overseeing toy production and distribution logistics.
  • Fostered a positive work environment, promoting unity and enthusiasm among team members.

Cookie Appreciation:

  • Extensive experience in appreciating and consuming a variety of cookies left out by well-meaning households.
  • Resilient metabolism, capable of handling vast quantities of milk and cookies.

Reindeer Handling:

  • Skilled in harnessing and directing a team of reindeer with precision.
  • Certified in reindeer flight navigation, ensuring a smooth and magical sleigh ride.


Santa’s Workshop – North Pole

Head Elf and Chief Gift Coordinator

  • Led a team of dedicated elves in the production and wrapping of gifts.
  • Implemented efficiency measures, resulting in a 20% increase in toy production.
  • Regular annual performance reviews and last year’s computerisation of “naughty or nice” list, mean systems are so well tuned that the CEO may now take from January to September off.
  • Elvin injuries reduced by 87% in the last four years. Root cause analysis identified egg nog as a factor in the majority of industrial accidents, particularly scrapes and sprains.

Global Gift Distribution Inc.

Founder and CEO

  • Established a global gift distribution network, spanning continents and cultures.
  • Pioneered eco-friendly gift-wrapping initiatives to reduce environmental impact.
  • Maintained positive brand image despite concerted efforts from Bah Humbug pressure groups to disparage Global Gift Distribution’s methods.
  • Made progress in differentiating organisation from profiteering pirates offering poor imitations.


Santa’s School of Jolliness

Degree in Festive Spirit (Specialised in spreading joy, laughter, and the magic of Christmas)


“Santa has been our go-to guy for festive cheer for as long as I can remember. His dedication to making the world a happier place is unparalleled.” – Mrs. Claus

“I’ve never seen someone handle reindeer with such finesse. It’s like he and those reindeer share a secret language!” – Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer

In summary, I am a seasoned and reliable festive enthusiast with a proven track record in spreading joy and delivering gifts. I thrive in high-pressure, time-sensitive situations and bring a unique blend of leadership, magical prowess and a fondness for cookies to the table. Ready to make your Christmas merrier!