Christmas job hunting tips from the three wise men

Three Wise Men

When it comes to job hunting, we can all learn a lot from the three wise men. Here are some lessons we can take from their example:

Be prepared

When the three wise men set out on their journey, they were prepared for what they might encounter. They had brought along gifts that would be useful in different situations, and they had a plan for where they were going and what they were going to do when they got there.

When you’re job hunting, it’s important to be prepared as well. Do your research on the company and the position you’re applying for, draft a quality CV and be ready to talk about why you’re a good fit for the job.

Be flexible

The three wise men were flexible in their plans when they learned that the star they were following was leading them to Bethlehem. They changed their course and followed it. This flexibility allowed them to follow the star and ultimately find Jesus, the Christ child.

When you’re job hunting, you may need to be flexible as well. If you’re not getting any bites on your job applications, consider changing your approach. You may want to consider networking more, cold calling or applying for jobs in different industries.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

When it comes to finding a job, it can be easy to feel like you have to go it alone. But the wise men show us that it’s okay to ask for help. When they saw the star, they didn’t just head off in the direction it was pointing, they asked for directions from people who knew the area.

If you’re feeling lost in your job search, don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends, family or even a career coach. Sometimes, all you need is a little guidance to get you pointed in the right direction.

Be willing to travel

The three wise men were willing to travel far and wide to find the baby Jesus. They didn’t let distance stop them. They travelled for many days and nights, until they finally found Him in the manger.

This is another lesson that we can learn from. If you’re willing to travel for a job, you’ll increase your chances of finding the right opportunity.


The three wise men, who followed a star to Bethlehem, can teach us a lot about job hunting. Be prepared with a solid CV and cover letter that showcases our skills and highlights our qualifications for the position we are seeking. We also need to be flexible, and be willing to change our CV or cover letter to better match the job we are applying to.  Contact one of our writers to help you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and travel where you need to, for better opportunities. There are many opportunities out there for those who are willing to look for them. You may be surprised at what you can find at the end of the journey.

Main image credit: Jonathan Meyer on Unsplash